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Additional Happenings During #MESCIFEST2015 Weekend

Did you know that Bangor Public Library has more than just books to borrow? Some of their latest acquisitions are three Celestron Digital Microscopes and an Orion Starblast Telescope. The microscopes are excellent for close-up views (magnification ~20X to 200x) of circuit boards, fossils, rocks, stamps, coins, feathers and shells, and also allows you to take pictures and videos. The telescope is a 4.5 inch reflective telescope, and includes instructions, a constellation guide and a headlamp. Come explore what’s available to borrow at the Bangor Public Library!

Saturday, March 21, from 12:00-4:00pm

A display of “antique” computers and operating systems, provided by the State’s Office of Information Technology, which will include games from the 1980s to today. Marshall Grover, of OIT, will be there to explain the different parts of the exhibit.

Saturday, March 21st  10:00am-5:00pm Sunday, March 22nd  12:00pm-5:00pm

MPBN is bringing “TheBooth to the Science Fair at Maine Science Festival!  TheBooth is an old phone booth (remember phone booths?) that’s been turned into a recording studio. We’ll be asking Science Fair participants and MSF attendees to answer questions about science and technology during this unique event.

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