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The Warming Sea + Sea Bags.

Our first ever large-scale fundraiser, a collaboration with Sea Bags. All proceeds will support Maine Science Festival’s March 19, 2022 world premiere event, The Warming Sea, and the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. Climate change is an existential threat to human life on Earth. Since music often reaches people in ways that data doesn’t, we commissioned GRAMMY award-winning Conductor and Composer Lucas Richman to write The Warming Sea - a symphonic exploration of hope in the face of climate change. This symphonic piece is a result of extensive interviews with scientists and researchers who are working in the Gulf of Maine - the fastest warming body of water on earth. Each limited edition bag will be numbered and be shipped containing a score of The Warming Sea’s concluding anthem, “Hope Begins With Truth,” signed by composer Lucas Richman. Only 150 bags are available. Bags are handcrafted from recycled sails on the working waterfront in Portland, Maine, USA. Each bag may differ slightly. We are taking orders until May 25, 2021; bags will be shipped out by mid/late June. Order at

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