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New tardigrade

Tardigrades, also known as “water bears” or “moss piglets”, are water-dwelling eight-legged segmented micro-animals. Dr. Perry, who has done the work to confirm that the species is new to us, has put together four name options for the newly discovered tardigrade found in Bangor City Forest; there is also a space for survey takers to suggest a different name.

An interview with Perry and Killarney talking about their discovery can be heard as a bonus episode of the new Maine Science Podcast. Each episode is a conversation with a Mainer who is working in science, engineering, technology, and innovation, and deep-dive into who they are and what they do. Guests include entrepreneurs, researchers, and professors, and now this bonus episode spotlighting a discovery in Maine.

The Tardigrade naming survey ends at 5pm (Eastern) on October 30, 2020, and is at We’ll announce the name in November 2020.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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