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MSF presenters in the news

  1. Amy Blackstone (2017 Science on Tap) published an opinion piece in the New York Times about Growing Old and a book about adults who choose to remain child-free.

  2. The University of Maine Climate Change Institute‘s (long-time MSF partner, many presenters). Director Paul Mayewski lead an expedition on Mount Everest to build the world’s highest weather station. Documented by National Geographic.

  3. bluShift Aerospace (2019, 5 Minute Genius, represented by Seth Lockman) was awarded a NASA grant for $125,000. This story was also covered by Mainebiz.

  4. Heather Hamlin (2017 5 Minute Genius; 2018 MSF Pop up event – The Story Collider). Heather’s story was released by The Story Collider podcast in an episode about Strength.

  5. Longtime MSF Sponsor and presenter GE Power celebrated 50 years of manufacturing in Bangor. The MSF heard about their company leading innovation in a 2017 Maine Science Festival 5 Minute Genius talk by Kraig King.


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