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August 2017 Maine Science Festival partner events

Science doesn’t stop in Maine: MSF partners help us keep the focus on science year-round. See what’s happening near you this month and remember that #scienceiseverywhere.


Shows throughout Maine this month!

August 2, 9:45pm: Engineering A Better World Show, Denmark Public Library, Denmark.

2:00pm: Hands-on Energy Related Activity Booth, Maine Lobster Festival, Rockland.

August 4, 10:30am: Ramp it Up! Energy Show, Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick.

August 5, 1:00pm: Fire and Ice Show, Riverwalk Festival, Newport.

August 9, 1:30pm: Engineering A Better World Show, Brown Memorial Library, Clinton.

August 10, 4:00pm: Ramp it Up! Energy Show, Topsham Fair, Topsham.

August 12, 11:00am: Engineering A Better World Show, Rockland Public Library, Rockland.

August 13, 1:30pm: Fire and Ice Show, Topsham Fair, Topsham.

Shows are for ages 4 and up. All shows are free, but Topsham Fair requires admission to the Fair.


August 21 – Eclipse Day

10:00 am – Totality – Explore the Wonders of Eclipses

11:00 am – Totality – Explore the Wonders of Eclipses

1:00 – 5:00 pm – FREE Solar Eclipse Viewing at the planetarium (Weather Permitting)

Regular public programs are available on Friday evenings at 7pm (Totality – Explore the Wonders of Eclipses) Sunday afternoons at 2pm (Polaris: Mystery of the Polar Night).

Totality – Explore the Wonders of Eclipses. Explore the incredible phenomena of Eclipses, both Lunar and Solar. How and why do they occur? What can we observe and learn from these spectacular displays of nature? Take a look at how eclipses helped prove the theory of general relativity and look forward to upcoming eclipses learning where to see them. From spectacular space environments to the very human experiences that happen when you are caught in the shadow of the Moon and the Sun is plunged into a total solar eclipse, this program will help you understand these fascinating events. Take a special look at the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and future ones visible here in Maine. The program includes a tour of the night sky as viewed from Maine!

Polaris: Mystery of the Polar Night. A traveling penguin from the South Pole and a funny polar bear from the North pole meet on arctic sea ice. They become friends observing the night sky together and wondering why night is so long at the poles of the Earth. This mystery leads them on a scientific adventure by building an improvised spaceship to travel around the Earth to learn about seasons, visit Mars and Saturn to learn about ice in the solar system and how planets have similarities and differences which make them unique. The program includes a tour of the night sky as viewed from Maine!

Tickets for planetarium programs are $6 for Adults, $5 for UMaine Students/Veterans/Senior Citizens, and $4 for children under 12. More information and tickets:

Emera Astronomy Center, 167 Rangeley Road, University of Maine