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Tech Night, presented by Project>Login

MSF Showcase Event - Tech Night

Fri March 18, 2022




Hey middle schoolers - want to find out about the world of computers and information technology? Learn, share, collaborate, and explore cutting-edge software and web-based tools. With workshops and hands-on activities the program is designed for maximum engagement!

Attendance limited to 75 participants. Sign up at

Participants: please bring a tablet, laptop, or smart phone. If you need to borrow one, email us at

Workshop sign-ups happen at arrival/check-in. Drop-off event; pizza dinner provided for participants.


Eastern Maine Community College
Maine Math & Science Alliance

Learn about Lighting Tech!
Presenter: Kerri Warms (Siemens)
This interactive talk will discuss how through updated lighting technology we can mitigate covid exposure, monitor HVAC run time, drastically reduce energy, and predict building patterns. With using a sensor that goes into the light fixture, it can detect heat patterns in a building which will read back to the building automation system, in turn controlling the use of mechanical equipment.

Explore MIT App Inventor with UMaine 4-H.
Presenters: Greg Kranich, Shelia Norman & Emily Mott
Do you love using apps? Come build one with Maine 4-H staff! Youth will be able to create an app using the MIT App Inventor platform. This easy-to-use block coding environment will allow participants to design a fully functional app for a smartphone. No coding experience is necessary, just bring your imagination!

3D Printing and Digital Fabrication.
Presenter: James Rutter
This interactive talk will include a live demonstration of a 3D printer, in which some artifacts (possibility science-specific or Maine-specific) are printed. Students will learn about this technology and be able to take away some small items printed on the machine.

Augmented Reality and Art
Presenters: Susannah Gordon-Messer & Nate Vlahakis (MMSA)
Have you ever wanted to bring your drawings to life? Join our hands-on session where we'll introduce you to Quiver, a free mobile Augmented Reality (AR) app that does just that!. We'll provide the crayons and the phones or feel free to bring your own. AR is changing the way we interact with our environment and each other - come learn how easy and fun a tool it can be.

The Digital Divide and Digitunity.
Presenter: Lindsay Ouelette
Learn about Digitunity and how the organization helps to close the digital divide by providing access to devices.

Microsoft HoloLens and Robot Demonstration
Presenter: Kendra Bird, Kathy Crise, Harold Casey (EMCC)
Come meet the Computer Technology faculty from Eastern Maine Community College, see some dancing robots, and try out the Microsoft HoloLens!

Dot, Dash, & Cue robots
Presenter: Project>Login
Come explore Dot, Dash & Cue robots and try programming the blaster accessories. Test your skills and launch the blasters!


Maine Discovery Museum
74 Main Street
Bangor, ME 04401

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