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Science of Beer at Science on Tap!

MSF Showcase Event - talks

Thu March 17, 2022




Maine is known as one of the best places for craft brewing in the country, and is often at the top of the list of most breweries per capita. But how does a small micro or even nanobrewery work to ensure the quality of their beers from a chemistry perspective? Luci Benedict, an analytical chemist who is an Associate Professor at University of Southern Maine, founded the Quality Control Collaboratory (QC2) of the University of Southern Maine in 2016. QC2, in partnership with the Maine Brewers' Guild, provides laboratory analysis and testing for the craft beverage industry, while providing authentic lab experience and research opportunities for USM undergraduate students. Learn about why QC2 was needed, what they do, and how beer can train students for a wide variety of careers. Christie Mahaffey, who created and runs the Quality Control program at Foundation Brewing Company, will talk about why QC is so important to their work. And, Asa March-Sachs will talk about Orono Brewing Company's collaboration beer with Foundation Brewing - Hope Begins with Truth, created for The Warming Sea.


Luci Benedict, QC2, University of Southern Maine
Christie Mahaffey, Foundation Brewing Company
Asa Marsh-Sachs, Orono Brewing Company
Niles Parker, Maine Discovery Museum (moderator)


Barrel Room
SeaDog Brewing Company
26 Front Street
Bangor, ME 04401

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