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Science Conversation


Sat March 19, 2022




Come and be part of the Maine Contemporary Archives (MCA) project as it gathers community conversations about science. Either with a partner or on your own, come and share your thoughts about science using MCA's digital, audio story recording kit. Tell us what you think science is, what Maine Science means to you, how you use science, where you see science in use - no observation or conversation about science is out of bounds. Did you see something astonishing or learn something new at the Maine Science Festival this year? Capture it as a recording that we will upload to the Bangor Area Archives Project website so we can check back on it in a few years to see how science has changed. Capture history today!


Bangor Public Library

Maine Contemporary Archives
Bangor Area Community Archives Project


Meeting Rooms 5&6
Cross Insurance Center
515 Main Street
Bangor, ME 04401

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