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Introduction to Climate Reanalyzer


Sat March 19, 2022




Climate Reanalyzer is a data visualization website that provides access to climate and weather forecast models through a variety of pages for classroom, research, or general public use. In this presentation, Maine State Climatologist and Reanalyzer creator Sean Birkel will focus on using Climate Reanalyzer to answer questions like, "How do we know climate is changing? What is the difference between climate and weather?" The tour of the site will include showing animated climate data (such as changes in land and ocean temperature over time) and weather forecasts (temperature, precipitation, wind).

If you have a tablet or laptop, bring it so you can explore on your screen too!


Sean Birkel, University of Maine
Jean Sideris (moderator)


Meeting Rooms 3&4
Cross Insurance Center
515 Main Street
Bangor, ME 04401

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