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Tech Night
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We are excited to announce the upcoming Teen Technology Night with the theme "Dream IT. Do IT." This event is designed to inspire and empower pre-teens and early teenagers to explore the world of technology, gain new skills, and envision a future in the industry. We seek proposals from passionate individuals, organizations, industry partners, and vendors to contribute to this interactive and educational event.


Event Details:

  • Theme: Dream IT. Do IT.

  • Target Audience: Pre-teens and early teenagers (ages 11-15).

  • Date: Friday, March 22nd 2024

  • Location: Maine Discovery Museum

  • Duration: 2.5 hours (three session rotations, 45 min each)


Proposal Categories: We are inviting proposals in two main categories:

  1. Hands-on Interactive Sessions: We seek engaging, interactive workshops and sessions providing attendees with hands-on experience in various technology-related fields. These sessions should encourage creativity, problem-solving, and skill-building.

  2. Exhibitor/Vendor Style Booths: Exhibitors and vendors are encouraged to showcase their products, services, and technologies related to the industry. This is an opportunity to interact with our young audience, spark their curiosity, and offer learning resources.

Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the event theme and target audience.

  • Engagement and interactivity.

  • Clear learning outcomes.

  • Presenter/exhibitor qualifications and experience.

  • Feasibility and resource requirements.


Our current deadline for proposals is February 16.

If your proposal is chosen, you will get more instructions about event logistics and coordination.

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