Kraig King

Manager of Shop Operations and Brilliant Factory Leader, GE Power

Kraig is a native of Caribou, ME and graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maine in 2000.  Kraig returned to the University of Maine in the fall of 2005 to pursue his Masters degree in Spatial Engineering and Information Systems which was completed in the fall of 2007.  Starting in 2010, he began working towards his PhD in Spatial Engineering and Information Systems and is an IGERT fellow in the Sensor Science and Informatics program. His research focus is on intelligent sensor networks, remote sensing, event detection, self-organization, knowledge discovery, data modeling, data collection platform resource conservation, and ontologies.

Kraig is currently Manager of Shop Operations and Brilliant Factory Leader for the GE Power facility in Bangor Maine.  GE Power produces components for large industrial Gas and Steam Turbines that are deployed globally for power generation. He previously held the role of Engineering Leader (2005-2015) focusing on improving manufacturing processes by applying cutting-edge machining and automation technologies. Kraig’s primary interest is in advanced manufacturing methods using automated NC machines, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), sensors, lasers, vision systems, and robotics. These tools permit rapid inspection, intelligent automation, and reverse engineering capabilities with a high level of accuracy and precision (0.0001″) for extremely large parts (5 – 30 ton).  In his current role, Kraig is developing a dense network of sensor enabled machines that can store a ‘digital twin’ of the manufacturing process and autonomously self-identify abnormal manufacturing events.  This system aims at creating a ‘Brilliant  Factory’ of interconnected machines that communicate with each other and the staff who utilize them, to drive World-Class manufacturing operations that are exceedingly intelligent and efficient.


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