Kristen Brown

University of Maine, PhD candidate in Plant Science

Kristen Michelle Brown is a PhD candidate in plant science at the University of Maine, where her research has focused on genetic sources of late blight resistance in potato. Trained as a plant ecologist, she now works with the UMaine Potato Breeder in facilitating marker-assisted selection in the traditional breeding program. She is currently a Susan J. Hunter Teaching Fellow, teaching Crop Ecology and Physiology. Her future plans include teaching, writing, smashing the patriarchy, and promoting social justice – which, as far as she can tell, are probably all the same things. You can follow her on Twitter @OheyKB.

My Sessions


Thursday Showcase Event Myth-Busting, MSF Style! What does science have to do with the world around us? Plenty! Combine libation, laughter, and lessons you’ll never forget. Join us as we kick off this year’s MSF by busting some of the myths surrounding GMOs, and people who chose to be child-free. Recommended Audience: 21+ Free Event, space […]

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