Michael V. Wiles

Michael V. Wiles

Michael V. Wiles

Long, long ago

Worked as a lowly Research Tech in London UK
Where I also did a PhD researching early mouse and human development
Using (embryonic) stem cells and molecular biology approaches


Then a brief sojourn in Germany before having my own laboratory in 1988 in Basel Switzerland where I stayed eating fondue and chocolate for ~7 years, working on growth factors controlling the earliest stages of mammalian stem development.


By 1995, I was lured to the big city of Berlin (Germany) to a Max Planck Institute where I help develop and use robotic systems in molecular biology and the genetic modification of mouse embryonic stem cells.


1999 brought me to the USA (yes, they let me in!) and a Californian Biotech startup Deltagen, where I perfected large scale DNA screening systems and helped generate nearly 1000 mouse KO’s (gene knockouts) and wondered why it was so cold at night.


As the Bioteck boom popped, I fled north to The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) in 2002 with the objective of developing and improving mouse production, with a focus on cryopreservation, genetics – gaining the title of “Senior Director, Technology Evaluation & Development”.


By 2010, I began working at JAX with a new technology with great promise, i.e. “Targeted nucleases” to genetically modify mice precisely.

First “ZFN”
Then “TALEN”
And then of course since late 2012, the sharpest tool of them all, CRISPR/Cas9.


Currently my research centers on approaches to introduce DNA/genes efficiently and precisely directly into mouse zygotes (eggs) to make genetically modified, and at times “humanized” mice.


I publish in scientific journals regularly and have a number of issued patents for my work.