Waterfall Arts Presents: Created in the Lab – Interpreting Science through Comics


Each year, Waterfall Arts, Belfast, ME, chooses a theme that links together exhibitions, educational programs and events. In 2016, Waterfall Arts celebrated the art of the scientific method, and the places where art and science inform each other. Waterfall Arts is honored to reproduce this exhibition for the Maine Science Festival held in Bangor, ME, March 16-19, 2017.

What do artists and scientists share? A sense of wonder about the world around them. Inquiry. Experimentation. Trial and error. Discovery. Innovation. What occurs when art and science collide?

Created in the Lab – Interpreting Science through Comics tests the boundaries of how we interpret the world around us and explores topical or timeless issues, including what is a comic, what is art, and even what is science. In the words of scholar Nick Sousanis, comics encompass the “notion of how working visually-verbally expands the possibilities for our creative discoveries,” and “the process itself facilitates the making of unexpected connections.”

Sounds like a science experiment, doesn’t it?

This amazing piece and several other works by individual artists, Shawn Brewer, Michael Connor, Deanne Dutton, Dante Shepard and Wade Warman are on display at COSpace for the 2017 Maine Science Festival.

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