Science at the Bangor CSA Fair!

Sea Dog Brewing Company

While you explore the different Community Supported Agriculture that’s available at the Bangor CSA fair, you can learn about some of the science that happens on Maine farms. Activities include:

  • – “Meet Your Farmer!”: Get your Farm Passport Book and take a trip around the Bangor CSA Fair! Ask your farmer how science makes it possible for you to put all those delicious fruits and veggies on your plate and savory grass fed beef in your stew!
  • –  “Vermicomposting”: Roll-up your sleeves and take a peek into the life of a composting worm! Meet our red worms, check out the menu in the Wiggly Worm Café, learn how to build a compost bin AND take care of it! Do you know what compost has to do with organic farming?
  • – “Plant Parts We Eat”: Taste-test some GREAT local in-season foods and see if you know what parts of the plants you are eating? Learn some plant botany too!

Audience: all ages

Presented by MSF Partner Bangor Greendrinks

all ages Bangor Greendrinks farm hands-on