Why parasites control the world

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Parasites are some of the most important organisms on earth, impacting organisms from amoeba to orchids, from fish to bats. Parasites are the greatest predators on earth, and are more important to ecosystems than the great whales or lions and tigers. And, parasites remain the number one infectious disease issues of humans, farm animals, and crops. In this forum we will present our personal experience why parasites have become so important to us as individuals and how they rule the world by stopping wars, changing the human genome and even influencing the sports we enjoy doing. Parasites are even opening up new fields of medicine as a treatment for asthma and severe allergies.

Audience: high school +


Participating MSF Partners: University of Maine

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Presenters: Ian Bricknell, University of Maine; Anne Lichtenwalner, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Moderator: Jonathan Sprague, Rocky Coast Consulting

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