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Science at the Collins Center for the Arts

Tuesday, October 30th, 7pm: The Nature of Forgetting at the Collins Center for the Arts

Through physicality and compelling live music, The Nature of Forgetting tells the story of a middle-aged father struggling in the early stages of dementia. It’s a life-affirming journey into a weakened mind, in which broken does not have to mean defeated. The show is a moving articulation of the countless dimensions of memory and amnesia, linking science with real life experiences. Ultimately, the piece is about the fragility of life and that eternal “something” we all share that is left when memory is gone.

6pm: pre-show panel discussion on aging issues.

Moderator: Len Kaye, PhD. Professor of Social Work at the University of Maine School of Social Work and Director of the UMaine Center on Aging.

Panelists: Fayeza S. Ahmed, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Maine. Fayeza’s research is on the intersection of health factors/behaviors and cognitive functioning.

Don Beith, PhD, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Maine. Don’s is currently working at the intersection of environmental philosophy, medical ethics, the philosophy of technology and existentialism.

Greg Carter, Ph.D., The Jackson Laboratory. Greg is a computational biologist studying genetic causes of Alzheimer’s disease at Jackson Laboratory.

This conversation is being facilitated with the help of The McGillicuddy Humanities Center.

This panel will take place in Room 100 in the Class of 1944 Hall, just down the hall from Minsky Recital Hall. When you enter the CCA or Minsky lobby, just look for signs.

Special MSF Discount available: 20% off the ticket price. Please use the code MSF20

Orchestra seating only $30/$25 | K-12 $15 | All fees included Subscribers receive 50% off all fees, deduct $2.50 from ticket price.

Group discount of 15% on parties of 8 or more!

This is an extraordinary production.  London City Nights [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][/vc_row]

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