Welcome to the Tardigrade Naming Survey!

Tardigrades, also known as “water bears” or “moss piglets” are water-dwelling eight-legged segmented micro-animals. Dr. Emma Perry and high school student Noelle Killarney – the team that discovered a new species of tardigrade – have asked for help to name the newly found tardigrade.
Scientific names for species follow a specific format. There are some rules you must follow when naming a new species:
• The combination of genus name and species name cannot have been used for any other animal.
• The name has to be in Latin.
• You can’t name the species after yourself.
Dr. Perry, who has done the work to confirm that the species is new to us, has put together four name options for the newly discovered tardigrade found in Bangor City Forest. Please pick your top choice in the survey below.
The survey ends at 5pm (Eastern) on October 30, 2020. We’ll announce the name in November!

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Tardigrade survey
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