MSF Showcase Events events happen every year, with new presenters, activities and experiences for festival goers. With five different kinds of events MSF Showcase Events provide festival goers a deep dive into the science happening in Maine.


If you can attend only a few events at the Maine Science Festival, the MSF Showcase Events are the ones to catch – they provide a sample of all that you can experience at the MSF. We hope to see you at at least one of them!

Science on Tap  Maine scientists dive deeper into a topic that you might have heard of but don’t know much about. Or (re-)introduce you to an area of science that you may have some knowledge about, but not the most up-to-date information. Past topics have included: Sex and Drugs; Some of the Seven Deadly Sins; Mythbusting – MSF Style; and Fermentation. Science on Tap is held on the Thursday evening (7:30pm) of the MSF at a local pub and is a 21+ event. 

Tech Night  An opportunity for younger festival goers to find out about the world of computers and information technology. Each year, Project>Login designs a program that helps attendees learn, share, collaborate, and explore cutting-edge software and web-based tools. Both workshops and hands-on activities are offered, and a pizza dinner is provided. Tech Night runs on the Friday of the MSF (4:30-7pm) and is limited to middle school students only.

5 Minute Genius   5 Minute Genius features short, sharp talks by some of Maine’s finest (rock star) scientists, with 5 minutes per talk, plus 5 minutes for questions. Topics cover a wide range of the some of the most remarkable, cutting-edge science happening throughout Maine, and best of all the audience gets to feel like a genius in many different areas by the end of the evening. 5 Minute Genius is held on the Friday evening of the MSF (7:30pm), with a recommended audience of ages 12 and up. To see past years’ 5 Minute Genius talks, check out our YouTube channel.

Exploration Station  A full day of hands-on activities. Drop in before or after a forum or workshop, or stay all day. Held on the Saturday of the MSF (9am-4pm), Exploration Station has at least 20 different types of hands-on activities covering a wide range of science in Maine, and presented by scientists and practitioners from all over Maine. This is event is for all ages.

Science Board Gaming  Our newest Showcase Event, the SnowCon Gaming Convention crew provides games and guidance for a multitude of science, math and innovation inspired board games. Held  in Downtown Bangor, there are games for all ages and abilities.