MSF Pop-up event: Maine Discovery Museum – Stories of Aquafarming in Maine

Aquaculture is a growing industry in Maine and has almost unlimited opportunities. From fin fish to shellfish to seaweed, there is an abundance of aquaculture happening in Maine. Join us for an afternoon of stories about aquafarming in Maine, hosted by the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, and presented by Muriel Hendrix and Annie Langston.

Muriel is the author of Unlimited Ingenuity, Industrious Entrepreneurs: Stories of Aquafarming in Maine 1998 -2016. Annie has years of research and educational experience in marine biology and sea farming, and is the Founder & Director of Sea-to-Hearth, Annie’s Kitchen, and the Sea Farm Explorer Program. 


May 4th, Maine Discovery Museum, 1:00-2:30pm

74 Main Street, Bangor


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