2019 Maine Invention Convention


The Maine Invention Convention is a statewide competition that promotes innovative problem solving and invention by Maine middle school students. Throughout the school year, students work with their peers and teachers to identify and solve problems. After competing against their peers at the school level, top students are invited to attend the state convention at the Maine Science Festival, where students from each participating school compete for the top invention awards!

A variety of judges, from educators to industry experts, will judge the competition on a variety of factors. Students will be judges on the following deliverables:

Inventor’s Notebooks

Innovation Concepts

Patent and Trademark Search

Mock Provisional Patent Application

Model or prototype of their invention (as applicable)

Creation of a business card

Creation of a promotional brochure.

Creation of an advertisement

Display Board

Students must have these forms filled out to compete at the Maine Invention Convention!

Medical Care and Treatment

Minor Liability Release

Parental/Guardian Consent – Media Release


Additional information is on the Maine Invention Convention Facebook page!


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