2020 MSF Potential Presenters:

Forums and presentations are generally limited to 1 hour (60 minutes). If you believe that this will severely impact your ability to present your science/work, please note that on the form below, and let us know why.

Our programming team will go through the submittals and the 2020 programming will be set up based on their recommendations. The programming team will make their judgments based on a number of different factors, including: type of science/math, type of event, audience, innovative approaches happening in Maine, revealing hidden secrets, diversity of programming from past years, and logistically what we can make work.


If you have presented in the past: in order to ensure the viability of the MSF, your activity MUST BE DIFFERENT than what you have presented in at least the past three years. If you have any questions about this, please email participate@mainesciencefestival.org


Audience, additional information: Forums/talks take place during the weekend of the MSF: March 21st-22nd, 2020, and can be held either at the Cross Insurance Center or at a location in Downtown Bangor. Where the forum/talk is hosted will be based on the space and infrastructure needs of all forums/talks that are part of the MSF.

A forum is “a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged” and MSF forums encourage audience interaction with experts. Our forums generally include a panel of experts on a topic who will give an introduction to their work (approximately 7-10 minutes), followed by Q&A with the audience and other panelists. Presenters should assume that the audience has a high school level education.

Talks are essentially the same as forums, but presented by one person who then engages in moderated Q&A with the audience.

Ideally, participants in a forum or a moderated talk should represent more than one institution; the MSF can assist with getting moderators and panelists. There are limited exceptions to this guideline.


We expect to have the programming finalized by January 2020.

The 6th Maine Science Festival is March 18-22nd, 2020.


If you have any questions please email participate@mainesciencefestival.org.

If you believe you need more than one hour for your presenation or forum to be a success, please let us know why
Please provide a photo of the presenter(s) that lined up
Please provide a bio of presenter(s) lined up