From Donut Holes to Earmuffs: a (quirky) history of inventions from Maine

From Donut Holes to Earmuffs: a (quirky) history of inventions from Maine


Saturday, March 16; 10:00am-11:00am
Cross Center Meeting Room A

Cross Insurance Center, 515 Main Street

Inventors have always inspired progress, curiosity, sometimes even intrigue. The stories and  patents for those inventions can offer an exciting insight into our cultural history. As part of a Q & A style talk, join us to learn the fascinating history behind some inventions that had their start in Maine. We’ll start the talk with a brief introduction into the history of patents, including surprising facts about US issued patents. For example, did you know there were only 3 issued in 1790 and 184,377 issued in 2006! Interesting and fun facts about each inventor/invention will be shared. You’ll learn about inventors such as John Blondel, responsible for improvements to “doughnut cutters” and Helen Blanchard, who held 28 patents in her lifetime!! We’ll highlight a variety of inventors over the centuries and using details from the inventors’ personal history and patent illustrations we hope this talk will both inspire and entertain.

Rachel Knapp, University of Maine

Renee Kelly, University of Maine


Jonathan Sprague, Rocky Coast Consulting, MSF Advisor – moderator


Participating MSF Partners:
University of Maine


Audience: middle school +

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