Fire and Ice Show

Fire and Ice Show

Fire and Ice Show


Saturday, March 16; 11:00am-12:00pm
Lecture Hall

Bangor Public Library, 145 Harlow Street

Get ready for some sizzlin’ excitement! Join Mad Science of Maine for SAFE and scientific fun with fire and ice! In this show, children will explore the 3 states of matter and learn about the amazing properties of fire and combustion.  Children will see how our special Mad Science paper can burn leaving no ash behind and their jaws will drop when they witness our “Swoosh, Whoosh, Aaaah” experiment. After some sizzling chemical reactions heat things up, we will cool off with spectacular demonstrations involving dry ice!  We will explore the “Big Burp”, the “Sizzling Scissors” and the famous “Mad Science Shower”.

Audience limited to ~100; first come-first served


Presented by

Mad Science of Maine


Participating MSF Partners:
Bangor Public Library, Mad Science of Maine


Audience: ages 3-10

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