Tech Night


We are once again partnering with Project>Login as they host Tech Night.

Tech Night is an exploration of cutting-edge software and web-based tools for middle school students.

Presenters should be able to participate and have expertise or knowledge to be part of the event. For example, if you are proposing a workshop about the science of ice cream, you need to be able to explain exactly what that is - or have a scientist as part of your workshop team who can explain it.

Some details to consider:

  • Tech Night is all about IT and computer science.

  • Tech Night will be Friday, March 18, 2022 from 4:30-7 PM.

  • Sessions should run for approximately 40-45 minutes.


Proposals that are accepted for the Festival will have support in arranging additional participants, moderators, etc. as needed. 

Participants will be notified by early January 2022

Tech Night
Hosted by Project>Login
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