Maine Science Festival Events

The Maine Science Festival requires the assistance of many different organizations and individuals to make our hugely collaborative events successful.


These are some of the programming areas you can expect at the Maine Science Festival.

Not a stuffy ol’ lecture. The MSF hosts a panel of experts on a topic with plenty of time for Q&A. 

Forums & Talks

Hands-on explorations covering science, engineering, innovation, and technology from all over Maine. Not just for kids, Exploration Station enthralls and inspires all ages (4-94).

Exploration Station
Boy Analyzing Circuit Board

Want to take a deep dive into the science of cheesemaking? Nature illustration? The science of beer? Learning about Minecraft? MSF workshops’ intimate settings provide a thorough (some would say microscopic) view of the science behind many everyday things we take for granted and help us prove that science is everywhere in Maine.

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 4.00.12 PM.png

Science + arts + humanities = culture. We work with many organizations to explore science, art, humanities, and their intersections. From the Science of Stringed Instruments to Ugly Lies the Bone (Penobscot Theatre Company), to poetry readings, art exhibits, film screenings, and The Warming Sea, we've been breaking down silos and advancing culture since 2015.  

Art/Science Symbiosis
Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 2.51.28 PM.png

These can be a talk, a presentation, a film screening – something that you would expect to find during the Festival itself, but held in different locations around the state during other months. This allows us to keep a focus on Maine science throughout the year, and encourage people to join us at the full MSF.

Pop-up Events