The Maine Science Festival is an independently funded program of the Maine Discovery Museum, and is the first and only science festival in Maine. The MSF launched in 2015 and is a celebration of the national and world leading science by the Mainers who do it. At the five day March festival we host more than 70 + activities and events throughout Downtown Bangor and at the Cross Insurance Center, showcasing the remarkable work happening in Maine daily. With forums, shows, talks, art exhibits, and an array of workshops and hands-on activities, we bring Maine science to the public. Since our inaugural festival in 2015, more than 50,000 people have joined with us to celebrate Maine science, and we are proud to highlight not only the remarkable work happening everyday throughout Maine, but the remarkable people who make it happen.


In addition to the festival, we also run and partner with others to have MSF Pop-up events throughout the year in locations around the state. It’s a way to remind people that science is happening every day and that these events are just a sample of what to expect at the full Maine Science Festival. 


In recognition of Maine’s climate research leaders, the Bicentennial, and the warming water in the Gulf of Maine, the MSF has commissioned GRAMMY award winner Lucas Richman (composer, and music conductor for the Bangor Symphony Orchestra) to write a symphonic piece about climate change in the Gulf of Maine: The Warming Sea. This piece will have its world premiere at the March 2020 Bangor Symphony Orchestra concert that is doubling as the MSF Headliner (Masterworks IV: Sounds of the Sea). For The Warming Sea I am coordinating interviews between composer Lucas Richman and those who have direct knowledge of climate change in the Gulf of Maine: Maine scientists and those who work in the Gulf. Our hope is that these interviews will help inform Lucas’ composition by providing him the insight of others who can explain what is happening in/to the Gulf of Maine; what it means to Maine and the Gulf to be under the immense threat posed by climate change; and what is being done to mitigate it as much as possible. We hope to create a documentary of these interviews, to show Lucas’ journey as he translates the data into music that can reach a wider audience than data/science alone has been able to reach.


We are also partnering with Penobscot Theatre Company (PTC) and will be focusing on the science and research of addiction to coincide with PTCs Maine premiere of Safety Net – a play that addresses the impact of opioids on a small town. We are honored to be teaming up with arts organizations to better understand two of the most important issues facing Maine. 


If you’d like to see the programs from our previous festivals, please click on the year or link below:

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Join us at the MSF, where you’ll find out what we know: Maine scientists and engineers are among the best the in the country and the world, and that science is everywhere!

The Maine Science Festival is proud to be an independently funded program of the Maine Discovery Museum, and is a member of the Science Festival Alliance.



** The only current exception is our headliner; we are working to keep virtually every MSF event free, and will only charge for those events that come with significant costs. If you are interested in helping, please consider becoming a sponsor or donating.